Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tutorial 6/10/2011

For the tutorial class tomorrow (6/10/2011), please prepare for the following questions

1. Convert +10 (decimal) to
a) binary code (4 bits)
b) gray code (4 bits)
c) excess 3 code (4 bits)
d) BCD code
e) BCD 84-2-1

2. Convert -10 (decimal) to
a) sign-magnitude (5 bits)
b) 1st complement (5 bits)
c) 2nd complement (5 bits)

3. Generate the ODD parity bit for the following data

4. Generate the hamming code for the following data

5. Try to change one bit from the hamming code produced from question 4 and then run the hamming code checking to determine which bit that has been changed.

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