Thursday, October 7, 2010

Group Project

You can view the group list & viva schedule from here. The grouping is FINAL. No addition/changes/modification is allowed.

Design a counter circuit from your own matrix number
1. Omit the 2nd/3rd/4th duplicate in your matrix number. For example if your matrix is 090093 it will be 093
2. The number would be your state in the counter design. Do a backward counter from the number. For example if the number is 093 then the counter would be 0 --> 3 --> 9 --> 0
3. Choose any type of FF that  you want to use in your counter (ie JK FF, SR FF, T FF, D FFF). Complete the corresponding next state table and sequential circuit
4. Draw the circuit in MultiSim simulator (you can download the student evaluation version from here) . During the viva you need to demonstrate the circuit is functioning as it should be (use the 7 bit led segment to show the counter)

Assessment & Submission
The marks for this group project is 15%.  Mark would be derived from the percentage of successful simulation. For example if 8 out of 10 circuit successfully simulated then the marks would be 16.

You also need to submit the documentation by group in CD format (1 CD pergroup). The documentation will be another 5% (to be marked individually). Documentation should consist
-documentation in doc/docx/pdf format
-circuit softcopy
Arrange the documentation in individual folder using the matrix number as the folder title (eg WEK100001,WET0900706)

tips: Your senior has done a similar project to this one. Request assistance from them especially in how to use the simulation software. Electrical student should also has some experience using similar software.

(The group mark is reduced from 20% to 15% to accomodate assessment from quizes done during your tutorial session)

Any case of possible plagiarism/copying will be dealt severely. Not only BOTH OF YOU will get zero for your assessment , the department will report the case to the university discipline board which upon conviction might expel/suspend you from the course.

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