Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tutorial Class 12-1,1-2

Please come to BT2 & BT1 to check your tutorial grouping at 12:00 PM. thank you.

Emran Mohd Tamil

Monday, September 12, 2011

Notice for Group Assignment/Demonstration

UPDATE: During the lecture today we will discuss how to demonstrate this assignment.

Create a group of 10 student (max 10, min 8)

Download Multi Student Edition from here or download directly from here

Familiarized & learn how to use the software. You should be able to run sample circuit provided within the software sample folder. Choose one sample circuit, modify it & simulate it. Demonstrate next Thursday (the time & place for demonstration will be updated here, most probabily between 1-2 before the class).

Lecture slide download link partially fixed, you can now download the first few slides (until Boolean Algebra) . The other link will be updated later.

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